Hello World!

*winces* Yes, we were down. Yes, it took me two weeks to even get this "Hello World!" up. What can I say?

Oh yeah... Catastrophic Hardware Failure.

Anyhoo; I have a complete backup of everything. Really. Not a single forum post, weblog entry or photo should have been lost. But I've decided to not try and recreate the rather byzantine setup which I had running everything (originally created well over 10 years ago). I've been meaning to redo my website(s) in a more modern and maintainable way for the last seven or eight years now. I do this for a living after all. This seems like a good time to finally get around to it.

So... Hang onto your hats. Changes will be coming!


(For those who still hope, "soonish" tends to mean in the really, really distant future where I'm involved. If I look at how busy my days are already...) *gulps*

(On the other hand, I really want to rave about the new KSR I'm currently reading. And a blank slate of a webserver like this does feel inviting. So who knows...?)